Postural Correction and Assistance with Kinesio Taping
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Postural Correction and Assistance with Kinesio Taping

Majority of individuals chronic pains, upper back, low back and neck pains, are due to day-to-day repetitive activities at work or home.  Sitting at a computer for endless hours, lifting and carrying heavy loads, standing behind a counter slumped over, whatever it may be, could possibly be the cause of pain and tension in certain areas of the back and neck.


Proper alignment of the spine, bones, and joints in the body will depend on how one would hold their posture.  Having poor posture while sitting, standing, lifting, carrying, bending, driving, etc. on a repetitive basis, with the decline of proper stretching and maintenance on the body will result in pain and tension.  On a daily basis with improper posture and lost of awareness of posture eventually the spine, vertebrae and joints will get misaligned.


Physical therapy in Oahu, proper stretching, having routine breaks during work, active lifestyle and being aware of your posture are beneficial practices to assist in maintaining “Good Posture.”  There are also great tools to assist in re-education of those tight muscles and tendons while you work on your posture.

Kinesio Taping methods are a great modality to utilize in helping awareness of posture, improve posture, re-education of the muscles, fascial correction, Proprioceptive stabilization and balance, pain and tension relief.  Correct application of Kinesio Tape frequently on an individual with chronic pain due to poor posture could gradually improve posture, combined with a strengthening program.  It is difficult to apply Kinesio Tape on your back, therefore seek assistance from a practitioner like OSR here in Kailua whom practices this method.

Here are a few suggestions of you could begin with to assist your posture:

Lordosis or Hyperlordosis:

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Application of Kinesio Tape for Lordosis or Hyperlordosis assists/acts as a fascial lumbar brace.  It is a basic taping to inhibit (lengthen) the Erector Spinae group in the lumbar area and the Quatratus Lumborum.  This would also retrain the fascia and muscles to slightly increase posterior pelvic tilt, which would decrease the excessive anterior pelvic tilt.  In addition, you could also apply Kinesio Tape to facilitate (shorten) the Hamstrings to again promote a decrease in the anterior pelvic tilt. 

Thoracic Kyphosis and Forward Head Posture:

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Application of Kinesio Tape to address Kyphosis or Forward Head Posture is to assist in retracting the neck to relieve tension to the upper back and posterior cervical area.  Picture on the top left is basically assisting in facilitating the LOWER Trapezius, to promote an inferior pull to the Upper Trapezius and a posterior fascial pull also.  Combining a Pectoralis inhibition and anterior neck inhibition taping method could add assistance.  Collaborate a great anterior trunk stretch, such as the Pectoralis muscle to gain more relief.

These are the most common postural issue that causes the most pain and discomfort.  Here at OSR we utilize Kinesio Taping methods and address the importance of posture in treating our patients.  Come and get help to improve your posture with our Kinesio Taping specialists/therapists here at OSR to finally get some relief and work pain free.

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