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Conditions Treated

We have a staff of physical therapists, chiroprators, and doctors who will help treat your injury.

Sciatica Pain Therapy


Do you have shooting or intense pain in your lower back? We help people heal from this type of pain.

Headache Treatment


Having debilitating or disruptive headaches can hamper your quality of life. Find out your treatment options.

Knee Injury Physical Therapy

Knee Injuries

Taking care of your knee injury early is your best bet from causing further harm to your body. Find out how we can help.

Repetitive Motion Injury

Repetitive Injuries

Repetitive motions may can injuries that last a lifetime. Find out how we are treating patients in Hawaii to recover.

Back Pain

Back Pain

Excruciating back pain can cause you to miss work, or to lose your job. We can help if you have this type of pain.

Spine Disc X-Ray Injury

Disc Injuries

Disc injuries can range from mild to severe. We have a team of experts who can guide you back to health.

Work Injury Physical Therapy

Work Injuries

Injured on the job? Find out your options when trying to recover your health so you can get back to work.

Car Accident Injury

Car Accidents

Injured in a car accident? We have a team of health specialists who know the types of injuries that occur from car accidents.

Physical Therapy For Injuries

Personal Injuries

Have you fallen or been injured by accident? Let us help treat your pain, and develope a plan to get you back to health.

Located Oahu Hawaii

Located In Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu Spine & Rehab is conveniently located in the Pearlridge shopping center on the first floor next to Renal Care.

Enjoy easy and complimentary parking and visit your local shops after your visit with us. 

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