Mystery of the Fallen Arches (Flat Feet)

Mystery of the Fallen Arches (Flat Feet)

Several tendons, ligaments and muscles in the foot and lower extremity form what is the upward curve in the middle of the inside foot, which forms the medial arch.  When these groups of muscles, ligaments and tendons have proper tension, it forms a normal arch.  When the muscles and tendons weaken and loses its normal tension it becomes a little or NO arch.  In results to Fallen Arches or flat feet.



Arches fall and develop usually as an adult due to excessive foot stress, but fallen arches could also be hereditary and a birth defect.

Examples of feet stresses:

  • Standing or Walking in improper arch supported shoes or footwear in long periods of time.
  • Having a foot injury, such as fractured bones in a foot or even a sprained ankle and not properly letting the injury heal with proper arch corrections and allowing compensation of an individual’s walking gate and stance.
  • The weakening of muscles in the foot, ankle and lower legs from aging and/or weight gain.


Flat Feet

There are a lot of people whom are affected by flat feet.  A few may not require any treatments.  Those who suffer from fallen arches may experience the following symptoms:

  • Painful feet in the medial arch areas and heels.
  • Inflammation (swelling) in the inside feet or ankles.
  • When walking, running or standing in long periods the feet becomes tired and fatigue.
  • Lower back pains and lower extremity pains may occur.
  • Standing on toes or curling toes may be difficult and compromised.

Prevention and treatments:


  • Strap or tape the arches to anatomically correct positions to support or prevent further falling of the arches. Using athletic tape is preferred for this treatment.
  • When arches are swollen due to over usage, icing and anti-inflammatories may assist in reduction of the inflammation.
  • Using well supported shoes or foot wear to assist in supporting arches. Make sure the shoes are fitted well to the individual.  Possible foot inserts can give added supports as well.
  • Receiving proper foot, ankle and lower leg strengthening program to build anatomical muscle strengths to provide support in the arches.

Oahu Spine and Rehab has trained Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and Staff that are well knowledge to assist anyone whom suffer from frustrating “Fallen Arches.”

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