Military Members and Massage

Military Members and Massage

Although the benefits of massage can help people in every field, military members and veterans are some of the people that can benefit from massage therapy the most. Here at OSR, we serve many military member and their families each day. Along with the military lifestyle comes a lot of built up stress that can lead to chronic pain. Here at OSR we offer trigger point therapy and massage therapy in order to help our patients as much as possible.

Massage therapy is often recommended treatment for veterans that are in PTSD support groups or veterans that suffer from other stress-related problems. Often times, when service members retire, the transition into the civilian world can be a difficult and extremely stressful. For active duty military families, stress is usually a day to day occurrence. Whether it’s late night drop-offs, deployments, erratic work hours, or workplace problems, it’s hard to avoid letting stress affect the entire family.

Active duty military members are also required to keep themselves in very specific physical shape. This includes not being injured, and fighting through every day pain to complete your mission or physical training every day. For Marines, PT can range anywhere from swimming pool exercises to four mile hikes. By Marines exerting themselves to the max every day at PT, they are at a higher risk for chronic pain and injuries. By getting routine massages, active duty military members can reduce their stress levels, avoid injuries, and cure aches and pains.

Great information from Massage Heights:


  • Improvement in physical pain. Subjects in the study had lower ratings of pain and physical tension over the eight-week trial while using massage therapy.
  • Anxiety and irritability reduction. Veterans in the study reported lower overall anxiety, stress, worry and irritability after undergoing massage therapy.
  • Depression and PTSD improvement. Veterans suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder saw “significant improvements” during the study while using massage.
  • Partner benefits. Veterans who had partners that participated in the study also reported improvements in self-compassion, depression and worry.

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Here at Oahu Spine and Rehab right out the back gate of MCBH, we our offer services to military dependents and veterans. We accept VA and Tricare in order to give back to our military community here in Kailua. Our integrated health center will provide you with a personalized treatment plan in order heal your chronic pain. Prepaid massages are available with our massage therapists! Call to schedule an appointment at 488-5555!



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