Could a Spin Class be Your New Best Friend?

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But have you actually gotten the guts up to try a class? If not – we’re here to tell you not to be afraid. Just like every new exercise or fitness routine, there is going to be an adjustment period where you may feel like a newbie. BUT as self-conscious as you may feel- we promise that the other people in the class won’t care if this is your first class – or your 50th, they’re just going through the grind just like you.

On Oahu you can find a cycling or spin class here in Kailua at Ride Kailua in town at Holo Cycling or at the various 24 Hour Fitness locations that are around the island. Don’t get too stressed out about what to wear and how to act. Cycle classes are usually led by enthusiastic and helpful cyclists! You can just wear normal workout clothes, and your normal running shoes will work as well!

Spin classes are infamous for being extremely difficult but VERY rewarding. The instructor will tell you what sort of workout you will be doing, including higher resistance and different terrains depending on the bikes. Instructors are there to motivate you and they will tell you when it’s important to push, and when to take it slow – helping you keep your workout productive!

A spin class is an awesome cardiovascular fitness exercise that will help you get into shape as well as strengthening your muscles and your heart. Taking cycling classes or cycling in general can also improve your posture and balance because of how much balancing utilizes your core. This also means that cycling can greatly help you in your quest to getting abs. Like all exercise, cycling can help clear your mind of stress and help you relax. Spinning is also a great alternative to running for cardio because it has lower impact for your knees, ankles, and hips! Not to mention – the high intensity style of the classes will help keep you motivated and coming back.

Here at OSR we promote a healthy and happy lifestyle for our patients and the Kailua community. If you are suffering from pain or know of someone who is suffering from chronic pain, call us today to set up an appointment at 488-5555!

Do you have any tips for first time spinners?

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