Body Builders and Massage Therapy

Body Builders and Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is often thought of as something that women do at the spa, but in reality, massages are good for so much more than that. One reason to get massage therapy that is becoming increasingly popular is through the bodybuilding community. Massage therapy can actually assist you in bodybuilding because it helps aid recovery and lessen pain.

During body building, often times your muscles can become tight and less flexible because they are growing in size. Even though your muscles are getting stronger, it’s important to make sure you are still stretching them and making sure that your range of motion is staying intact. Massage helps release tension and restore movement to the muscles and joints because of how massages can help with elongating the muscles.

Body builders are prone to injuries because of the intensity of their sport. They also are Body builder’s injuries are the most common in the back, the neck, the knees and the feet. Massage therapists are able to help common sports related injuries including easing pain and releasing trigger points.

Massage therapy increases blood circulation in your body which can actually help your muscles tone. By getting increased circulation and fluids going to your muscles, it will actually aid in your muscle tissue regrowth. Getting a massage also can release toxins from your body that could be causing soreness and fatigue. Massage also reduces inflammation of the muscles by improving blood flow to your extremities.

After heavy weight lifting, your muscles are usually sore and tight. Our massage therapists here at Oahu Spine & Rehab can help you by providing trigger point massages as a part of your treatment plan as well as 30 or 60 minute massages at our office in Kailua. Massage therapy can provide stress relief and make you feel better physically. Call today for your appointment 808-488-5555!

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