Work Injury Treatment in Oahu

Whether you were injured at the office or the construction site, workplace injuries can keep you from living your life or performing well at your job. The pain is discouraging, but with help from Oahu Spine and Rehab, you’ll be on your way to healing and can get back on your feet and back to work.
Our physicians provide work injury management in Oahu with a four-phased approach to accommodate a holistic healing process. The four phases aim to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Correct the problem that is causing you discomfort
  • Strengthen your body to prevent further injury
  • Maintain wellness for continued wellness

Whether you have chronic back pain from repetitive motion or are recovering from a fall or other workplace injury incident, we want to help you feel good so that you can return to your normal working life. If you are in need of workplace injury management in Oahu, please contact us to set up an appointment.

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