Why are Americans Getting Massages?

So you probably know that massage is becoming a widely used practice in the medical industry as well as the spa industry, but how are people actually using massages? According to the American Massage Therapy Association, 72% of consumers agree that massage therapy should be considered a form of healthcare. With the long list of benefits, massage is used by a large population with an average of 27% of Americans having received a massage in the past five years.


The spa industry used to have a hold on massage, but 91% of consumers agree that massages can be effective in reducing their pain. Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab in Kailua we integrate massage in with nearly all of our treatment plans. Whether its trigger point therapy during your normal treatment or therapeutic massages in our massage rooms, we believe that massage will benefit your treatment process greatly. We also offer complimentary therapeutic chair massages to local businesses and at local events.

Primary care physicians are the most likely to recommend massages to their patients, followed up by chiropractors and physical therapists. Our physical therapists work hand and hand with our massage therapists in order to benefit the patient as much as possible during each appointment. Because massage is more commonly recommended, people are using massage for regular health maintenance. Getting a massage does help a large array of conditions such as migraines, pain relief, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. All of these are conditions that we see every day here at OSR.

If you are suffering from any sort of pain or are interested in scheduling a therapeutic massage here at OSR, give us a call today at 488-5555!

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