What Medical Conditions Should You Tell Your Massage Therapist?

The importance of disclosing the proper medical information to your massage therapist.

Do you ever wonder why your massage therapists are asking about what medications you take, or the status of your blood pressure? You come into OSR to relax for your one-hour therapeutic massage and then you get bombarded with personal questions that have no correlation with a massage, right? Well, actually your medical information means more to your massage therapist than you might think.

Telling your massage therapist about your medical history; including previous surgeries, injuries, allergies, and medications is actually quite imperative to your massage treatment. Our therapists at OSR custom design each client session to the individual’s needs and requests. The information you provide helps us tailor your massage to you; determining the appropriate depth of pressure to use or deciding if a massage would be beneficial or not. For example, as of a few months ago, our therapists offer cupping during longer massage sessions. If a client has high blood pressure or history of blood disorders and does not inform their therapist, cupping could potentially cause much more harm than good.

Massage therapy is great for the immune system. It increases circulation, moves fluids, and does wonders for the body. But, if you have cold or flu symptoms, or are running a fever, receiving a massage could actually make the symptoms much worse. When ill, your immune system is already working in over-drive. Flushing the system with a massage can flood the body with infection, exasperate symptoms and increase recovery time. Not only can it effect you negatively, you also run the risk of getting your therapist ill as well. If feeling under the weather, also inform your therapist and reschedule your appointment for a later date.

So what should you inform your therapist about? Anything that you might tell your doctor. Let them know about your blood thinner medication, or that you took aspirin an hour ago, or that you are on antidepressants and if you have metal screws in your knee.  Tell your therapist what areas you are having issues with, and your goal for the outcome of the massage. Tell them why you think you might be having pain in certain areas, whether it’s from repetitive use from playing baseball twice a week, or from holding your 25 pound toddler on your hip all day. All this information helps us in determining your care session to insure you are getting the most benefit from your massage here in Kailua without causing any harm to other areas of the body.

Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab in Kailua, our massage therapists are dedicated to making your massage as enjoyable and beneficial as possible. This means that they will avoid doing anything that would cause you further pain or worsen your condition. The best way for us to help you whether trigger point or massage, is for you to communicate with us as much as possible. To schedule a massage or to get more information, contact us at 488-5555!






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