Massage Therapists Know More Than You Think

Your massage therapist may know more about you than you think. Because your massage therapist here at OSR may see you multiple times during your appointments here, they will start to get to know your body and where you are usually in pain.

One of the easiest things for your massage therapist to tell is when you are stressed. A massage therapist will be able to tell from tension and pain that you are more stressed than usual. There is a good chance that you are building up the tension in your neck and upper back can be from being stressed out in some aspect of your life.

Another thing that your massage therapist could figure out is that you’re getting sick. Your massage therapist could tell if you’re about to come down with something based on certain points on your body being achy or in pain with no other reason. This includes allergies if your sinuses are tender or flared up. If you’re having headaches and migraines that don’t seem to stem from the neck, then your head may be getting congested causing tension in your head.

Your massage therapist will easily be able to tell if you are dehydrated. If you haven’t been drinking enough water your therapist will recognize your trigger points in your upper back as more tender than usual. This being said, make sure you’re drinking eight glasses of water each day to keep your muscles and body hydrated, and even more so on a day that you have a massage appointment here at OSR!

Our massage therapists are so used to seeing patients that work at computers all day long. One of the most common signs of an office worker is rolled shoulders and even a curved spine. Your massage therapists will be able to tell if you spend a lot of time at a desk and don’t get a lot of exercise or do stretching on the side. One helpful tip is to stretch during your day at work to ease up some of that tension before your massage.

Another thing that our massage therapists (and the rest of our staff) will be able to tell is if you have been skipping your at home exercises. If there are certain stretches that you’re supposed to be doing on your own, the massage therapists as well as PT will be able to tell based on your progress during your appointments. If you physical therapist has given you an at-home exercise plan as a part of your treatment, make sure you are completing it.

Our massage therapists here at OSR give our patients trigger point massage here in Kailua, as well as offering 30 and 60 minute therapeutic massages in our relaxing massage rooms. Being a patient here at our integrated health center means more than just being a patient. Our therapists and doctors will get to know you and your body. With various backgrounds and specialties we are able to find the root of your pain and correct it. Call today to make your appointment 808-488-5555!

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