What Can “Acu-Yoga” Do for You?

Some would consider yoga to be a fad, others consider it a lifestyle, either way it’s safe to say that yoga is taking the world by storm. Not only is it an incredible work out, but yoga is also an awesome stress reliever. It’s no surprise that many eastern medicine practitioners are starting to incorporate yoga into their regular routines for peace and overall wellness.

One particular yoga studio in Longmont, CO have started “Acu-Yoga” as an option for their yogis. At the Elevated Yoga Studio, they have a class that combines yoga with community style acupuncture. George Zarnowski, the owner of the studio is a traditional yogi, practicing yin yoga, hatha, and yoga therapy.

The poses that he chooses are based around breathe work and meditation in order to deepen awareness and increase your energy flow. This is why acupuncture fits so well with his style of yoga. When it was appropriate, the acupuncturist would do a short acupuncture session on the members of the class, depending on the pose and how she felt you need to be treated. If you’re not comfortable getting acupuncture she also offered the class goers acupressure massage or reflexology.

The combination is meant to be a holistic experience and serve as a place of peace and meditation for the class goers. Opposite of programs like Core Power Yoga, this class is focused less on physical exertion and more on relaxation. This combination could be opening the door for other great integrated practices. Here at OSR in Kailua we offer acupuncture as a part of many treatment plans, as well as offering individual acupuncture sessions! We help our patients by using our whole body integrated health center approach in order to find the root of your pain.

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