TRX Suspension Training: Proven Results in Less Time

Hanging exercises are coming back into trend recently with people jumping on the gymnastic rings or suspension cable workouts, such as TRX. These types of exercise tools are good because you can do full body movements and train multiple large muscle groups at the same time. They are creative in the way that they manipulate gravity to add resistance to the body.

Basic ring exercises usually require a lot of shoulder strength and stability because the assumption is that your feet are off the ground the entire time. Don’t let that get you down because you feel weak in the shoulders! There are many movements that are perfect for beginners such as holds, dips, tucks, and push/pull-ups.

TRX Suspension Training offers the ability to modify the workout in order to meet a variety of desired body types and physical needs. They offer variable intensities and can bounce back and forth from mobility (flexibility) to stability (strength) sometimes even within the same dynamic movement.

Exercises such as the push, pull, squat, rotate, and lunges are good beginner exercises that are done in standing, but the unique thing about TRX is you can slip your feet in the handles and slide into the world of arm supported exercises such as plank, hinge, kick outs, and more. Depending on how far or close you are to the attachment point will change how difficult the exercise is.

With any new workout routine, start at a good, easy, and restful level. Don’t increase intensity to fast or put yourself in vulnerable positions where you could be at risk of getting hurt. Set and keep your spine in a neutral position throughout the exercises and make sure to ask those around you if you need help. Most of all, remember that exercising should be fun.

If you feel like you or someone you know may benefit from a specific and focused exercise program that will help you recover from or prevent injuries, please let us know! OSR specializes in a whole body approach to physical medicine which includes suspension training if necessary!

Check out this detailed video on the TRX!

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