The Problem with a “Google University” Patient in Healthcare

In the technology era, we are all blessed with a whole vat of knowledge right at our fingertips. You can order food, choose a movie, and keep up to date on the news right on your phone. Although handy, this vat of knowledge is a nightmare for most healthcare providers. When it’s so simple to google your symptoms or search WebMD, every patient assumes they are an expert in their own illnesses and conditions.

One reason why this can be detrimental to our practice here in Kailua is OVER knowledge. “Google University” is a nickname used for Google when people know a lot about a certain topic because of researching information on Google. Whereas patients having general knowledge of their muscles and bones is helpful in the explanation of exercises. Some patients are hearing different information from every single source on the internet, our physical therapists, and their friends or family. With a jumble of mixed information going in – chances are you’re not going to have as much of a hold on your condition as you think you do.

When is too much?

Although getting basic facts about your symptoms and conditions may not be the worst thing, there is a time to draw the line. If you are talking yourself into having every symptom of every illness that you come across online, you need to scale back on your researching. In some cases, patients can become so wrapped up in all their research that they believe they have a condition that they don’t actually have.

Wait and ask your physical therapist here at OSR or one of our chiropractors when you are having a new pain or ache in your body during your treatment plan. After all – if you are a patient here at OSR in Kailua we are aware of your treatment plan and we can give you more facts on your specific case. Where you are getting your information can be crucial regarding its accuracy. If you are getting your information from a recommended peer viewed research journal, chances are you’re not going to be jumping to conclusions quite as fast.

By searching around online you are finding the most generalized health information that can apply to the most people at one time. Here in our office, our providers know your pains, your treatment plan, as well as your body well enough to advise you what is best for your health. If you are suffering from aches and pain or find the internet leading you in circles regarding your condition, give us a call today to schedule your complimentary consultation at 488-5555.

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