Staying Fit with Fitbit

So many adults are swarmed with work. Whether it be with work (in office or from home), college courses, parenting, or even all three. It is hard to get some time for yourself for some extra activity, and when you do have time it might be hard for some to not take that chance to just relax. This is why turning to physical activity trackers such as Fitbit could give you some extra motivation to get moving.

I personally am one of those that just wants to sit and relax when I get home from work. On a good normal day I will work a ten hour shift and counting lunch and driving time I am gone for 12.5-13 hours. So, when I get home I’ll have some household chores and fixing up dinner if it still needs to be done. And after? Of course I just want to sit and relax. This is all “pre-babies”. I don’t have any kids at the moment, but it may be in my near future. I can’t even imagine the parents out there that have to take care of a whole family.

I started to wear a Fitbit and thus far, I have been very happy using it. Fitbit tracks not only how many steps you take, but your whole day’s activity, exercise, food, weight and even sleep. It syncs to your phone so you can see if you reach your goal for each aspect. When you do reach your goal it changes to green. My goal throughout the day is to turn all of it to green.

Another feature that Fitbit offers that I personally love is that you can add friends. Because competition always motivates me. Friendly competition, of course. You can even invite friends to participate in certain challenges.


My fitbit gives me a boost of motivation to get active, and every little bit still helps. Getting steps during work however and when I can. Making sure I’m not sitting for too long. Taking the stairs. Once I’m home, I’ll get a short walk or quick run in. I’ve also come to find that once I’m back from my run or walk I’m not exhausted, and that I actually have more energy.

Here at OSR in Kailua, we all know that the more active you are, the healthier you are. This is the goal of activity trackers. Walking is a simple activity that gets your heart rate up, without too much intensity and stress on your body’s joints. An article in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise goes into detail on many of the health benefits that can get from walking such as reducing the risks of chronic disease.

Of course everyone should know that just being active can’t transform you all together and all at once. Being physically active is only part of living a healthy lifestyle. Another big part is eating a well-balanced diet. What you put in your body has a great effect on it. Also, because our body is doing so much all the time, we need to make sure we can give it efficient time for resting. The average adult should get 7-8 hours a night. The Fitbit tracker tracks steps and exercise, you can input what you are eating, and it can also track your sleep. With all this right at your fingertips with a small wireless device, it is hard to have excuses.

There are other trackers available for use and other apps you can download. However, I just have experience with the Fitbit charge that I have been using for some time now. I cannot wait to complete more goals and challenges with my Fitbit and to even see how it will help me stay on track on living a healthier lifestyle.

Bonus: if you refer someone you know to OSR during the month of February 2016, your name gets put into a drawing to win your very own fitbit!


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