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Why Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga is For You

Stand up Paddle boarding (SUP) is widely popular on the island of Oahu. Every day there are locals and visitors alike out on the waters of Waikiki and Lanikai beaches. Paddle boarding is an awesome and fun workout for the young and the old. Not only does paddle boarding work your arms and upper back from paddling, but it also is a great work out for your core strength. Because Oahu Spine & Rehab is located right here in Kailua, we are no strangers to the active members of the community.

If paddle boarding has gotten redundant for you, we’ve got your next favorite activity. Paddle board yoga. Reaching water lovers and yogi’s alike, paddle board yoga is an awesome workout and can be a great way to meet people. Paddle board yoga can offer you a unique yoga experience while also helping to strengthen your core and balance. Here are the steps to become a SUP-Yogi!

Master your SUP game. Stand up paddling lessons are offered many places all over the island of Oahu!  The key is to work your way up to standing on the board and being able to maintain your balance during waves. You have to learn how to paddle and control the waves as well as steering! These are all the basics that you need to master before you can move on to SUP yoga!

Right here on Oahu there are groups and classes that can help you learn how to do stand-up paddleboard yoga. You don’t have to be an experienced yogi to venture to SUP yoga. In fact, SUP yoga could help your balance and improve your on-land yoga poses. Yoga Kai in Honolulu offers 90 minute stand up paddle board yoga sessions right off of Ala Moana Beach for beginners and experts alike.

Our physical therapists have worked with lots of water-loving patients, whether it’s paddle boarding, surfing or paddling. Here at OSR we are dedicated to taking a whole body approach to health. If you are suffering from pain that may affect your day to day activities, give us a call today at 488-5555!

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