Sprain or Strain?

Strain or Sprain?

Strain and sprain are both terms that you hear most often in professional sports games like football and soccer. This is because strains and sprains are two of the most common conditions because they’re the easiest injuries to acquire. A sprain is when you injure a ligament, that connects the end of one bone to another. A strain is when you injure a muscle or tendon which is what attaches the muscle to the bone.

Sprains and strains can happen in any muscle or ligament, which means that the severity depends on the location. The most common being an ankle sprain, sometimes requires crutches, a boot, or physical therapy depending on the severity of the sprain. Your primary care physician and the physical therapists here at Oahu Spine & Rehab can both assess your injury and come up with the best treatment plan possible to get you back to full health.

OSR physical therapists and medical team all agree that the best at-home remedy for sprains and strains is R.I.C.E., Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Resting and avoiding activity is recommended for the first 24-48 hours after a sprain or strain. It’s also important to ice every 1-2 hours right after your injury to bring swelling down. Compression is important to support the injured body part in order to prevent further swelling and injury, this should be done for at least two days. Elevation is also to avoid more swelling, keep the injury elevated above the heart.

Here in Kailua, we see patients from young to old from athletes to marines.

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