Shin Splints and Physical Therapy at OSR

Shin Splints and Physical Therapy at OSR

Shin splints are tendon and muscle condition that almost everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime. Shin splints are intense pain that occurs in the front, inside or outside of the calf after prolonged use. The pain occurs because of inflammation of the muscle tendons that are attached to the tibia that are overworked and have micro tears.
A physical therapist here at Oahu Spine & Rehab can give you stretches as a part of your treatment plan that will help the pain in your shins subside. If you live an active lifestyle then you may get shin splints when performing a physical activity that you haven’t done in a while, or ever. This can strain your shins which can cause inflammation. If you lead more of a sedentary lifestyle, you may suffer from shin splints from shorter exercises like walks or a few flights of stairs.
Most of the time a shin splint will heal itself in anywhere from 3-7 days. If your symptoms seem more severe, such as numbness or tingling, bruising, or swelling- you may need to call OSR to set up an appointment with one of our physical therapists. Here at our office in Kailua, we are able to analyze your gait pattern as well as your footwear in order to see if either of those could have been a contributing factor to your injury. In your initial physical therapy evaluations, our therapists will be able to find out if there is an underlying factor that could have caused the splints, such as flat feet or poor exercise posture. Our massage therapists here at OSR will also be able to use kinesiology tape in order to lift the skin and take pressure off of the area that is in pain.

The last step in our office would be to help you with strengthening the muscle, and assuring that there is no more pain when you are doing basic exercising such as jumping and jogging. If you are suffering from any sort of pain due to injury or chronic pain, give OSR a call today to set up your complimentary consultation in our office.

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