The Safest Way to Use Technology: For Your Neck

“Text Neck” is become a scary reality for a lot of millennials who were the first generation to grow up with a cell phone in their hands at all time. Not only are teenagers and most adults on their cell phones all day, but when they’re not, their eyes are glued to a computer screen or tablet. *Maybe* occasionally a book or Netflix on their TVs. Because our lives are bombarded with technology all day, our necks are paying the price. Whether you’re looking down at your phone or up at a TV screen, your neck is not in it’s natural position.

Due to the overwhelming amount of time that your head is looking down, you can actually be causing degeneration in your vertebrae in your neck at a very young age. If you’re not necessarily suffering from neck pain, you may not even think that correct posture is important. Meanwhile, your neck may be bending the wrong way and has begun stage two degeneration at 22 years old. Forward head carriage, or “text neck” is one of the most common postural problems that we see in our younger patients here at OSR in Kailua. Not only are you not paying attention to how your neck is being held, but you could be causing some pretty serious damage every time you scroll through your Instagram feed for two hours.

Thanks to this infographic from, you can become more conscious about what you’re doing to your neck.


Now, while you’re binge watching shows or scrolling through your newsfeed, try and focus on the positioning of your next and keeping head over your shoulders while standing. Posture may not seem so important now, but correcting your posture at a young age can help prevent many bone disorders and degeneration. Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab we treat patients with neck pain every day.

If you are suffering from pain or worried about your posture, call 488-5555 today to schedule an appointment today!



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