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Relieve your Back Pain

Back pain is one of the topics that we write on frequently because so many of our patients and people in general suffer from chronic back pain. Back pain can make sitting, standing and sleeping all painful, and exercise unbearable. Back pain can be caused by many different things, but the most important thing is how to relieve your back pain so that you are able to live day to day.

Here at OSR we offer and array of services that can help your back pain. Our physical therapists can help you create a plan that will help relieve your pain during appointments, as well as things to do at home in order to help your pain. By offering chiropractic care in Kailua, we can ease your Our massage therapists are aiming to treat underlying causes of chronic pain involving the muscular and nervous systems. Our team of physicians and specialists can evaluate, diagnose, and treat pain and discomfort in our new chiropractic care center in Oahu.

Our first objective is to ease your pain and stop your condition from progressing. Upon completion of your initial assessment, we will develop a comprehensive, personalized, and holistic treatment plan incorporating a variety of services to accurately diagnose the cause of your symptoms and then work to reduce pain, nerve irritation, and tissue inflammation, and increase flexibility. Helping you on the road to a fulfilling, pain-free life is our ultimate goal.

You will receive a diagnostic evaluation by our medical staff before you are treated with us! This way we can have a full idea of your situation and what is best to fix it. Schedule your next  appointment with OSR, and read some tips to relieving back pain.

Doctors used to prescribe rest and relaxation for an achy back but it turns out this could be one of the worst things for it. Resting can make the back stiff and actually cause it to tighten up and cause more damage. One of the best things for back pain is movement and mild exercise. Try swimming or yoga, two exercises that you can take slow and steady to move your back.

OSR is lucky to provide a TENS Unit to our patients.  A TENS unit is a small battery-operated device that stimulates the muscles and nerves in the lower back to relieve pain related to sore and aching muscles. The device can be hooked to a belt and is connected to two electrodes. The electrodes are attached to adhesive pads and they carry a low voltage electric current to the back bring the patient temporary pain relief.

Sound like OSR can help your back pain? Give us a call at 488-5555 and schedule your consultation today!


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