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Oahu Injury Rehabilitation Exercise Programs

The rehabilitation department offers services from certified athletic trainers, kinesiologists and personal trainers.  Therapeutic activities and exercises are prescribed by our medical department and physical therapists for the rehabilitation team to carry out and monitor patients.

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The staff will focus on proper techniques, body awareness and make any necessary corrections with the exercises.  During the course of treatment, our goal will be to achieve pain relief, make corrections (increase range of motion, restore joint and muscle function), strengthen muscles and improve neuromuscular function.  In this department, patients have access to cardiovascular equipment including treadmills and recumbent bicycles.  Electronic range of motion and manual muscle testing will be performed on our patients if indicated to track the progress during the course of treatment. The BioSway Machine by Biodex is another tool used to test balance and coordination throughout treatment if indicated. 

The goal will be to transition the exercise program into a home exercise program that patients will continue on their own once discharged in order to maintain the corrections made to keep living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our injury rehabilitation exercise programs.

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