Recreational Activities Aid in Rehabilitation for Veterans

As a veteran, you go from an extremely fast paced and active lifestyle, to quite the opposite when you become a veteran. While you’re active duty; you are required to do PT, take physical fitness tests consistently, and stay in shape in order to be ready for whatever comes next. For veterans who have suffered from any injuries, including brain injuries or spinal cord injury, staying active is a crucial part of keeping your body happy and healthy.

At the VA Hospital in San Diego, CA, they offer many rehabilitation activities for their veteran patients year round. One of the biggest events that the VA puts on is the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic. At the clinic they provide a wide variety of recreational activities for recently injured veterans. The activities range everywhere from surfing and water skiing, to archery and cycling. One of the most important aspects of this clinic is providing the athletes with adapted equipment for their injury. By offering medical support and the opportunity to participate in these clinics, the VA is helping to help veterans improve their overall wellbeing and self-worth.

Learning new skills and activities is one of the greatest things you can offer a veteran who is in rehabilitation for injuries. By giving veterans something to accomplish and room to grow, the VA is improving their quality of life. Not to mention, the more physically active you are, the happier and healthier you are. The San Diego VA Hospital, as well as other VA providers around the country know that it is important to use adaptive sports and recreation activities as physical therapy to aid in rehabilitation. Here at OSR in Kailua, we proudly serve our veterans and provide services all under one roof at our integrated health center to ease the process of rehabilitation. If you are suffering from pain, give us a call today to set up your complimentary consultation at 488-5555!


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