Why PRP Therapy?
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Why PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy Hawaii, or Platelet- Rich Plasma therapy is an emerging technology that is being used modernly for sports medicine. PRP therapy has been used since the mid 90’s as a soft tissue recovery method following dental and plastic surgeries. The body’s first response to soft tissues injuries is for it to start delivering platelet cells. Platelet cells are packed with healing and growth factors that go straight to the source and assist stem cells.

With PRP therapy, the injections are able to jump start your injuries healing process with our PRP injections. In order to make a PRP injection, a small sample of your blood will be taken and the lab will separate the blood in order to create a concentration of just the platelets in your blood. By injecting these directly into the injury, your bodies healing process will be intensified. Your own blood is used in order to avoid infection and to stimulate regrowth of the tissue.

PRP therapy has already started to make a difference in the performance of professional athletes such as Tiger Woods for his knee surgery and Troy Polamalu prior to winning the Super Bowl. The reason that this type of injection is taking the world by storm is because it is an efficient, non-surgical way to reduce pain.

PRP therapy is for many conditions including:

Chronic Plantar Fasciitis

ACL Injuries

Ankle Sprains

Rotator Cuff Tears

Osteoarthritis of the knee, shoulder, hip, & spine

Tennis Elbow

OSR here in Honolulu agrees that PRP therapy could help reduce your pain while also promoting overall health and healing for your soft tissue. Getting a PRP injection could provide a lot of relief for patients that are suffering from degeneration, or tears in ligaments or tendons. Oahu Spine & Rehab can help provide relief from your chronic back and neck pain. Want to know more? Contact us today!

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