Procrastination and Your Health

Procrastination and Your Health

Human nature tends to cause us to put off things. In regard to our health, this is not wise.

A symptom ignored here and a sign ignored there, and we might be setting ourselves for disaster.

Let’s look at some examples. Say that you have some of the follow symptoms: unexplained weight loss, weakness & fatigue, chronic heartburn, abdominal problems—–you might be ignoring CANCER. If you have these symptoms: heartburn, dizziness, snoring, exhaustion, chronic cough, swelling in the legs—–you might be overlooking HEART DISEASE.

Why is this significant? Because statistically every 5 out of 6 Americans will die of either heart disease or cancer.

I’ll mention one more example on a personal note. I you have: numbness in your face, confusion, slurred speech, weakness, difficulty walking—-you might be missing a STROKE.

One night my uncle had these symptoms. He ignored them or was in denial; in either case, by the morning, he had a full blown stroke. He ended up permanently disabled! A short while later my sister told me that our aunt was having some dizziness and difficulty walking and would I call her. When I spoke to her, she had distinct slurring. I asked who her doctor was and immediately called him. I told him that my aunt was in the middle of a stroke and that he was giving her Meclizine which is just for dizziness. He immediately agreed with me and urged me to have my sister take her to the emergency room. Thank God we were able to prevent serious consequences. So be warned!

How does this relate to the conditions we treat at OSR? Well over the years I have seen patients here in Kailua who have put off taking care of their spine and have ended up with surgery and/or permanent disability Even with surgery, statistically only 3 out 10 people can return to their previous occupation. Most of these conditions could have been successfully treated with conservative care if treated early.

So if you’re going to put something off, don’t let it be your health. Remember it has been said that the 5 most dangerous words are: “MAYBE IT WILL GO AWAY”.

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