Physical Therapy Helping Post Concussion

Physical therapy is generally recommended for athletes after a sports injury, and this goes for concussions as well. Every person’s concussion is different, some people may have zero neurological impairment, whereas some concussion patients may need to be seen more often while symptoms start to manifest weeks and months after the injury.

Some symptoms of concussions that physical therapy here in Kailua can help with are loss of balance and coordination, headaches, muscle weakness and muscle spasticity. Depending on the type of trauma that caused your concussion, you could also be dealing with cervical spine dysfunction which can be worked on by out chiropractic team here at Oahu Spine & Rehab.

The type of physical therapy and the length of your treatment depend on the severity of your injury. After meeting with our physical therapists and medical staff, we will put together a treatment plan with you that could involve any of the following; gait training, postural correction exercises, spinal traction, balance assessments, and electronical stimulation on your muscles.

By using our integrated approach, we will find the root cause of your pain or symptoms, instead of just giving you short term treatment for your symptoms. According and Scott Gunter, an athletic trainer and director of strength and conditioning for SportsCare Physical Therapy, deciding whether or not an athlete is ready to return to play, there is a team of people who decide that they’re ready. This team usually will include their doctor or neurosurgeon, their physical therapist, their athletic trainer, and possibly their coach.

Having a concussion isn’t the same as any other injury. Any injury that is affecting your brain or spinal cord needs to be taken seriously and cared for by professionals. In the sport’s world, concussions recovery times are becoming mandatory due to the negative implications they can have on your life. To read more on the NFL admitting to ties to traumatic brain injuries click here! If you recently got a concussion, give OSR a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how we could aid in your recovery at 488-5555!

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