PCSing to Hawaii- Military Guide to Hawaii Living: Friends of KBay Pass


Moving across the country, away from your family to start your life with the military is one thing, moving across the ocean is a whole different ball game. Finding out that you and your family are being stationed in Hawaii is a dream come true, but this dream comes with the stresses of finding housing, doctors, and friends while across the ocean on the mainland. Oahu Spine and Rehab wants to help you make your transition to Hawaii a smooth one; whether it is your first duty station or your last.
The island of Oahu is covered in military bases, making most resources to you pretty close by. OSR is located in Kailua, which is right out of the back gate to MCBH. Most of this guide will be based around experiences on the Marine Corps Base, but are comparable for the other bases. This installment is regarding the Friends of K-Bay pass that is available for non-military members and DoD card holders.
The Friends of K-Bay Pass will help assure that you non-military friends are able to come onto the base freely. The pass is also available for civilians that would like to use the Kaneohe Klipper Gold Course, the Catering facility, the K-Bay Bowling Lanes, or The Officers’ Club Dining. The application for the K-Bay Pass only costs $10 for the application.

In order to apply for the FOKB Pass, you must fulfill these requirements:

Friends of kbay
Friends of kbay

The FOKB pass is only good for one year from the date that it is issued. According to MCCShawaii.com, each spouse, child over 17, or other family member must fill out a separate application. Please note, Friends are only authorized to access the three approved facilities. No beach, Marina, Commissary, Exchange or sponsoring privileges are associated with this program. Any unauthorized access of any other portion of MCB Hawaii will result in immediate removal and revocation of all privileges for two years. This is important to remember when applying for the pass.

On the application found here needs to be filled out and brought along with the documents stated above. Although you must select only one facility to gain access to, the pass will grant you access to all three. The check for the $10 application fee must be made out to “MCCS – 0910” and turned in at the same time as the application.

This can also all be done by mail:

MCCS Business Operations
Attn: [insert name of facility: Klipper Golf Course, The Officers’ Club or K-Bay Lanes]
Box 63093
MCB Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay, 96863

Here at Oahu Spine and Rehab we are here to help our patients and make their lives easier. OSR is located conveniently out the back gate of MCBH to help with all of chiropractic, massage therapy, and physical therapy needs. Give us a call if you have any questions or to book your consultation today 808-488-5555!


*Dependent Military ID’s

*Car Registration and Base Access




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