Pain in the Butt: Piriformis Syndrome

Pain in the Butt: Piriformis Syndrome

Deep beyond the gluteus maximus lays a small muscle known as the Piriformis. The piriformis begins at the lower spine and connects to the upper region of each femur (thighbone). Its functions are to assist in hip rotation and turning the leg and foot outwards. The sciatic nerve runs vertically directly beneath it. Since the piriformis is so close to the sciatic nerve it may mimic similar pain patterns and symptoms as sciatica.

Piriformis Syndrome

Typical piriformis syndrome symptoms may include:

  • A dull ache in the buttock
  • Pain down the back of the thigh, calf and foot
  • Pain when walking up the stairs or inclines
  • Increased pain after long periods of sitting
  • Reduced range of motion of the hip joint

Here at OSR in Kailua, we offer many services that can help with piriformis syndrome.  Our Oahu chiropractor team can adjust your hips to make sure that your spine is in proper alignment.  Our Physical therapists will help you figure out the biomechanics behind the problem, and create a personalized treatment plan for you to fix any muscle imbalances that your piriformis is causing. Our rehab team will work with the PT’s to show you how to stretch the muscle, give you at-home exercises to strengthen the muscles, and show you some equipment like foam rolls that might be able to ease your pain at home. Our medical team will give you a

Example of a Piriformis stretch:


  • Lie on your back with both feet flat on the floor and both knees bent. Pull the right knee up to the chest, pull with the left hand and pull the knee towards the body. Repeat both sides.

In our therapy department, we use different modalities to help manage the pain. One modality would be electrical stimulation to the buttock region with our Interferential current stimulator. This can help block pain and muscle spasms to the piriformis. Trigger point therapy can pinpoint that specific muscle to help relieve pain through trigger point massage. We will also use kinesio tape to lift the fascia over the muscle to promote better circulation to the area.

Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab we will use our integrated health center to help ease your pain. Give us a call today at 488-5555 to make your appointment.


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