Work with OSR to Help Prevent Aging

One of the largest markets in America is the “anti-aging” market that is full of products that are trying to make you look young forever. Here at OSR we practice anti-aging in a completely different way. In our integrated health center in Kailua, we are working towards making sure that you are FEELING young as long as you can!

Many different symptoms come with aging, whether it is arthritis or chronic fatigue, the lists of aches and pain increases with your age. Our medical team sees elderly patients daily that suffer from limited mobility. Between our chiropractic team and our physical therapy team, we have a handful of experts that can help increase your mobility and your range of motion. Our physical therapy team can also help increase your balance. The stronger your core is, the more balanced you will be. Later in life, the risk of falling and suffering from accidents occur more often because of the muscles and bones weakening.  Our physical therapists are dedicated to making sure that you are living at the highest quality of life and will design a treatment plans for each and every case.

If you’re in pain from aging, meaning aches or pains in your joints and muscles, our massage therapist experts will help with trigger point massage and myofascial release. We also offer a wide variety of modalities to our patients that can help ease muscle pain. Our medical team also is here to provide trigger point and joint injections to our patients to help assist in your pain management.

One of the most important things to avoid rapid aging is to make sure that you are exercising and staying mobile as you age. Starting in your 40’s, men and women become more likely to develop illnesses and conditions for the first time. Make sure that you are keeping an active lifestyle, even if it means just goings for walks instead of hitting the gym. Once your bones and muscles have weakened, it is much more difficult to build them back up once your mobility has lessened. The key is prevention! Make sure that you are keeping an active lifestyle. If you aren’t sure how to exercise safely for your body at your age, give OSR a call at 488-5555 and speak with our team to make sure that you are working towards the right goals.

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