VA Looking to Expand Nurse’s Authority in Healthcare

A recent proposal from Veteran’s Affairs is looking to give nurses’ the authority to treat veterans at Va hospitals without a doctor’s supervision. Because there are still 29 states that restrict the authority of nurses, even with advanced training, this proposal could change the way VA hospitals treat their patients all over the country.

The proposal is asking to grant nurses full practice authority. Because most VA hospitals are under-staffed, this would mean better care and services for veterans all over the country. As the demand for medical care grows, the waiting lists for VA providers and appointments have grown longer and longer. With full practice authority, nurses would be able to do a large array of services for patients without the supervision of a VA doctor. With this being said, 21 out of the 50 states already allow advanced trained nurses treat patients without the supervision of a doctor.

Doctor’s all over the country are fighting this notion saying that the standard of care would be lowered by allowing nurses to have full practice authority. Nurse practitioners do not respond to these accusations lightly. Most nurses agree that many services done by doctors at VA hospitals are duplicated by nurses, and their training leads to a lot of overlap in knowledge when it comes to treating patients. Not to mention that most nurses have to get advanced degrees in order to work in VA hospitals in general.

This solution would help aid in the shortage of doctors in the VA healthcare system which means that more veterans would be getting healthcare, and faster. Do you think that the VA should adopt these practices in order to whittle down the long waiting lists of the VA?

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