Money/Benefits Topping the List of Military Stressors

Money/Benefits Topping the List of Military Stressors

Could the military lifestyle be putting you under too much stress to maintain a functional life? According to a survey collected by the Blue Star Families organization, military members, veterans, and their families are becoming increasingly concerned with the stresses of military life and how they are affecting their careers, and their families. The Military Family Lifestyle Survey was taken by 8,390 service members and they were asked a variety of questions as well as to rank what parts of their military lifestyle causes them the most stress.

As in previous years, active duty, their families, and veterans all chose their pay/benefits as the highest stressor of all. According to the survey, over half of active duty and civilian marriages are living off of only one income. Military couples are 27% less likely to have dual incomes than a civilian couple even though over two thirds of military spouses expressed that they would like to be working. Just like here in Kailua, many military bases are located in areas with an extremely high cost of living. While dealing with spouses sometimes being away over half of the year, military spouses are finding practical jobs hard to come by, especially with the cost of childcare.

With deployment rates as high as they are in some branches, helping military families find employment and childcare can be crucial in the family’s basic needs. Here at the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii, there are special hiring processes that military  in order to work at military installations on the island. Because the military causes families to move around every 2-3 years, it is hard for military family members to maintain a stable civilian job. Not only do employers know that you will eventually be leaving, but if you do have a successful career, sacrifices will have to be made based on where the military sends you.

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Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab, our integrated health center in Kailua, we help military dependents and veterans every single day. We offer all residents on MCBH a nearby solution to their pain. We offer many services to ease the stressors of daily military life. If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain, give us a call today at 488-5555 to schedule your appointment.

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