Minor Accidents Causing Whiplash
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Minor Accidents Causing Whiplash

Whiplash is a common outcome of even the smallest accidents because of the unexpected force that is put on your neck. Whiplash is when the soft tissue in the neck is injured due to your head is moved suddenly backward and then forward. Because the motions are so extreme this causes the neck some trauma that can be very painful. Often, patients don’t actually feel the pain or discomfort for a few hours or days later.


Most symptoms will occur within 24 hours of the accident and they could include:

  • headaches
  • pain and stiffness in the neck
  • sleep disturbances
  • occasional pain and stiffness in the shoulders, arms or back
  • irritability
  • brief dizziness or blurred vision
  • trouble bending or turning your neck
  • fatigue

Whiplash usually only creates minor damage, which makes it easy to treat and take care of.  Most patients should recover in the first month or two. Generally, we will recommend that you use ice and heat therapy.  In extreme cases, the use of a supportive neck device will be recommended. The ice will help reduce inflammation and the heat will help make the muscles relax and reduce stiffness. This will help the soft tissue repair without causing further problems, as well as lessening the discomfort.


The most common symptom of whiplash is the pain and stiffness in the neck. In order to get complete range of motion back, we will work on creating a physical therapy plan that will help get your muscles stretched out and back to normal. There are also at-home exercises that we can show you how to perform when you’re in pain. Sometimes exercises will cause discomfort but it is important to work on your range of motion so that the whiplash does not cause permanent damage. It is very important that you strengthen your ligaments and muscles so they are able to regain full motion.

Lucky for you, we also offer massage therapy which can help with kneading the tight muscles in your neck. This, combined with heat therapy, will significantly help your neck muscles relax. We also offer chiropractic care in our office that will help with the soreness of your entire body after the accident. Oahu Spine and Rehab will alleviate your pain so that you can return to a healthy and active life.

Contact us so we can help you recover!


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