Military Guide to Hawaii Living: Volunteering

Moving across the country, away from your family to start your life with the military is one thing, moving across the ocean is a whole different ball game. Finding out that you and your family are being stationed in Hawaii is a dream come true, but this dream comes with the stresses of finding housing, doctors, and friends while across the ocean on the mainland. Oahu Spine and Rehab wants to help you make your transition to Hawaii a smooth one; whether it is your first duty station or your last.
The island of Oahu is covered in military bases, making most resources to you pretty close by. OSR is located in Kailua, which is right out of the back gate to MCBH. Most of this guide will be based around experiences on the Marine Corps Base, but are comparable for the other bases.  One of the greatest things you can do when you are moving somewhere new is to start volunteering for local charities and organizations. This can give you a great way to meet people as well as give back to the community while you are getting the hang of your new duty station.


Volunteering for the Military

Military bases can always use help and hands in fundraising and different events, but they don’t always get the funding in order to accomplish this. There are different programs that are offered on base that are always looking for volunteers. Contact the Family Readiness Officer of your spouse’s unit and ask what upcoming opportunities that they are participating in. Volunteer hours are required and look great on service member’s records, so why not have some fun doing it? Sign up with your spouse to volunteer at an event once a month as something for you to do together while also improving his records and giving back to the community. Sometimes the volunteering will be something as small as a “Dinner for the Barracks” where you bake something for the people who are living in the barracks and then drop it off for them, or bake sales in order to raise money for the unit’s dine outs and ball events.

Here is an example of a volunteer opportunity that is needed at MCBH constantly!

MCBH Youth Sports Volunteer Coaches Needed!

We are constantly on the lookout for volunteer coaches.
Youth Sports Volunteer Coach Application Form

For more information contact the Youth Sports Coordinator:
Phone: 808-254-7473
Email: Youth Sports Program
or visit the Semper Fit Center, Bldg. 3037, Kaneohe Bay



There are many resources that are available in order to find volunteer opportunities that are the best fit for what you are looking for. With categories like children, community, environment, animals, and disaster relief you are able to narrow down your searches so that you can decide where you are giving back. This is a good resource for families that are stationed at any duty stations around the country, not limited to Hawaii.

Local Organizations

There are plenty of Hawaii based organizations that have some really good opportunities for you to give back to this beautiful island! Whether it is the school system or Friends of Hanauma Bay, there is always somewhere that you can make a difference!

Here is one program in Hawaii that could use volunteers, year round!


Hawaii Literacy staff members teach children and adults to read and write through its family and adult literacy program, tutoring services and family libraries. The organization serves 2,100 people each year, says executive director Suzanne Skjold.

How to Help: Volunteers are needed once a week for two hours to assist with the nonprofit’s bookmobile that visits nine locations along the Waianae coast lending books to families. Volunteers can also go through a 16-hour training to become a one-on-one literacy tutor, or help children read, write and do homework after school at the family literacy library at Mayor Wright Homes, and, in January, at Kuhio Park Terrace, the state’s two largest public housing complexes.

Volunteer Requirements: Volunteers must have a background check and need to have a high-school diploma.

How to Give: The literacy nonprofit needs funding to rebuild its library at the newly renovated Kuhio Park Terrace. Money will help buy books, book bins, shelving and other materials. Hawaii Literacy Inc., 200 N. Vineyard Blvd., Suite 320, Honolulu, HI 96817,

Check out this awesome list of volunteering opportunities near MCBH!

Here is another great list of organizations that are located in Hawaii that are in constant need of volunteers!! Check it out here. 


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