Mana Lomi: Part 2

It is now time to end my series on Mana Lomi.  To recap, I have mentioned the historical aspects of Lomilomi and the physical science of the technique as it relates to the human body. There is, however, the most important component of the style, the spiritual aspect.

The Hawaiians were a polytheistic culture that had many deities that centered on all things that dealt with nature.  It is here in this area that Lomilomi again addresses mana (life force) and ha (breath of life).  The physical movements of the technique are meant to promote both mana and ha for the client as well as the practitioner.

In the act of the bodywork, the practitioner is drawing upon the surrounding energies of the universe to be sent through to the client.

As the practitioner breathes in the air surrounding them, that air contains the energy and life force of the universe. As that air goes in, the Lomilomi stroke is performed with that same breath of energy that went into the practitioner and is now being passed on to the client!

Practitioners of Mana Lomi not only performed bodywork, they were sometimes involved in conflict resolution called Ho’o ponopono.  This practice translates to cutting our cords to ill feelings and wrongdoings related to events in our present as well as our past.  The Hawaiians strongly believed that you could not live pono (all things in alignment), if there were conflicts between you and another person or persons, or even conflict within yourself.  There are many different schools of thought on how Ho’oponopono is to be conducted, but from the teachings of my instructor, Dr. Maka’ala Yates, it all boiled down to making sure that the practitioner was pono with themselves before attempting to fix any pilikia (troubles).  The ways a practitioner made sure they were pono was to practice breathing exercises and to meditate.  The meditation taught in Mana Lomi is called Kukulu O Ke Ao or the pillar of light.

This wraps up what was taught to me in the style of Mana Lomi.  To experience it, book a treatment with me here at OSR! Oahu Spine and Rehab’s massage therapy department is made up on skilled individuals who provide direct care with individualized treatment plans.


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