Kinesio Taping for Pregnancy

KinesioTape is elasticated cotton tape that has wave like convolutions in the glue. These convolutions, and the tensile strength used when applying the tape, can increase interstitial spacing therefore reducing inflammation and increasing circulation of the lymphatic system. KinesioTape stabilizes the joints while allowing them to move within their normal range, this aids with the treatment of pelvic girdle, low back and round ligament pain that so many woman experience while pregnant.

KinesioTape can be applied to the abdomen to act like a sling and distribute weight, and the low back to support the muscles and stabilize the pelvic girdle as the weight of the growing bump increases.

As the tape is hypoallergenic, smooth and very moveable it becomes like a layer of skin, so you can still wear your clothes and dresses with no extra burden, yet with it still offering so much support.

Because lower back pain is extremely common for pregnant patients, here at Oahu Spine and Rehab our physical therapists and massage therapists will be able to create a supportive external skin for your growing belly. Taping can be used before and post pregnancy to stabilize and reduce pain.


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