Trending Fitness Accessories

Trending Fitness Accessories

In the world of fitness and health there are thousands of accessories that are there to enhance your experience or aid in your health. From foam rollers to surfing gadgets, to P90X and Fitbits; your fitness gadgets and accessories can end up costing more than your gym membership to begin with.

Whether it is an “as seen on TV” ab machine, or a trending fitness must have, every health guru has that one accessory that they swear by. Let’s take a look at some of those that are taking the world by storm.


Over the course of the past year, there have been more than six shark attacks on Oahu alone. Many of these instances could’ve been prevented by educating beach goers on shark safety, but what if there was another way? Enter Sharkbanz. The company that created a wrist/ankle band that is designed to ward off sharks if they get too close to you in the water. The technology uses permanent magnets to repel sharks. The technology does not claim that it will guarantee 100% that there won’t be an encounter, but that it will lessen the risk. Perfect for surfers and swimmers alike! Read more here!

Nixon Ultratide

In the world of surfing, every morning consists of checking the tide and swell to decide where/when you’re going surfing. This is why the Nixon Ultratide is such a cool gadget for the surf community. This watch-looking arm band provides you with real time data about the tide, wave height, swell direction and temperatures of whatever break you choose. Powered by Surfline – the global leader in surf forecasting – this watch uses Bluetooth on your phone to give you all of the real time data easy to view and set alerts. It starts at $300 and comes in a variety of colors! Read more here!

Massage/Therapy Balls:

Massage balls or therapy balls go for anywhere between $9-$150 depending on the material and features. A massage ball is used similarly to a foam roller but to target sore muscles and aid in stretching. They were created to be able to get a deep at home trigger point massage on areas of pain. Often times our massage therapists or physical therapists here in Kailua will recommend that you use a foam roller as part of your at-home workouts. As foam rollers are considered a more broad area stretch, therapy balls can reach a deeper, more specific area.

To read about an experience with massage balls, and find out if they’re for you, click here!

No-Slip Yoga Socks

What’s “new” in the world of Yoga? No-slip socks. The concept of these socks has been around for a while (in the yoga world and outside it) but as yoga is becoming increasingly popular, there are more options for no-slip yoga socks than ever before. These socks make it easier to balance and focus on the move that you are performing with less worry about slipping on your mat. These socks run anywhere from $10-$20. There are plenty of variations including toeless, and ankle high. Perfect for any yogi.

Rope-less Jump Rope

This rope-less jump rope starts around $30 and although silly looking at first, is extremely practical. Perfect for the person that is on the go, it is small and able to keep on hand. The jump rope records each swing as a jump, keeps time, and makes it easier to fit in a workout with little room for exercise. Perfect for that fitspo on the go!

Waterproof iPhone Earbuds

Whether for a pool or the ocean, who doesn’t want to listen to music during a workout. These ear buds are also awesome for paddling and water sports if you’re looking for some tunes! Headphones make your workout music a little more personal than playing your music on a waterproof speaker while at the beach. These headphones run anywhere from $25-$100 based on the quality. Some waterproof headphones are designed just for swimming, including turns and dives!


Read our blog about using a FitBit here! 

These are just a few of the trending fitness accessories, and there are thousands more becoming more popular every day. Fitness trends often become so popular because they are helping people achieve their goals and remain motivated. Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab we strive to make you the healthiest version of yourself, if these fitness hacks can help you, even better!



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