Introducing OSR Weight Management




For all of our patients who may be putting in the hard work at OSR to recover from pain or injuries, could there be something holding you back?

Even with OSR’s proven method and dedicated staff, if your body weight is less than ideal, recovery from pain can be much harder. Higher body weights are also associated with increased inflammation which also slows recovery from pain and injury.

For this reason OSR is excited to offer the Ideal Protein wellness protocol to our patients. Ideal Protein is medically designed and supervised and targets body fat loss while sparing muscle. Most importantly, just as OSR’s 4 phases of care are designed to maintain optimal function, OSR Weight Management’s Ideal Protein protocol focuses on not just helping you to reach your goal, but giving you the ongoing tools, support and education for long-term weight maintenance.

Check out for more information about the program, and to RSVP for one of our free information sessions, conducted in person by Dr. Anegawa. Or you can speak with any the OSR staff at your next visit.


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