How to Ease Your Sore Muscles

How to Ease Your Sore Muscles

Often after you complete a long cardio workout, or a weightlifting session, your body is tired and you can feel an onset of aches and pains. If you work out often, you know that these immediate pains are nothing compared to what’s coming in the days following the workout. What you will experience after working out is called DOMS, which stands for delayed onset muscle soreness. This condition is extremely common and generally peaks around two days after your workout. So, if you do leg day on Monday, get ready for Wednesday, because your soreness will be at an all-time high.

Tips to Prevent DOMS



Fortunately there are a lot of ways you can either prevent DOMS, or help it pass after a workout. One of the key ways to avoid soreness, or decrease it, is to stay hydrated. It’s important to hydrate before, during and after your workout; as well as to hydrate throughout your day. The day after your workout, try to drink 8 glasses of water (or a couple hydro flasks full – at least) in order to keep your muscles hydrated.


Another important step is to stretch your muscles. This means before AND after your workouts. Stretching cold muscles can lead to pulling, so warm up a little bit before you stretch your muscles. Then after your workout stretch the muscles you worked. To increase the blood flow to all of your muscles, use a foam roller or massage balls. These steps can help reduce your DOMS after a big workout.


The food that you eat before and after workouts can play a huge factor into your soreness level. Before you work out, eat a pre-workout snack that is low fat and high carb. After you’ve finished your workout, eat a snack that has a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein to get back some of the nutrients that left your body during a workout. A protein shake, or a half a bagel with avocado as a post workout snack.

Massage Therapy

Another great way to relieve your DOMS is to get a therapeutic massage. Here at OSR in Kailua, our massage therapists specialize in increasing your circulation and working on your trouble areas. If you are always having upper back pain after workouts, our team can help break up some of those major knots with a trigger point massage, or a more whole body focused one-hour massage. DOMS have you down? Call today to make a massage appointment with us at 488-5555!


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