High-Tech Brain Training Assisting Olympic Athletes

Olympic athletes train their bodies and muscles possibly harder than anybody else, but could there be a way to train their brains as well? A new company out of San Francisco called Halo Neuroscience has cornered the market of “Neuropriming” with their new product the Halo Sport, which according to their website is the “use of pulses of energy to increase the excitability of motor neurons, benefiting athletes in two ways: accelerated strength and skill acquisition.” So what does all of this mean?

During a workout or during training, your brain is sending signals to all of your muscles that are being used during that workout. For example, when working out biceps, your brain is sending signals to that part of the body. Halo Neuroscience claims that with regular brain signals, your body is not reaching its maximum potential and strength. By using the Halo Sport, you’re stimulating your neurons so that you will be getting more from each rep. The same goes for sports trainings, whether it’s a movement like golf swing or a squat jump, skill acquisition will be more heightened while wearing the Halo Sport. But

So what is it? The Halo Sport is a type of head gear/earphone that is visually similar to the popular Beats by Dre.  The catch here is that the band of the headphones is lined with soft foam nibs and when in use, the neuropriming is supposed to be a light tingle or unnoticeable at all. The ideal usage is right before the most intense part of your workout. Paired with its app, you will begin your 20 minute neuropriming activities.

Multiple case studies have been performed on athletes like Olympic ski jumpers, collegiate athletes, NFL draftees, and CrossFit champions, to read more information about these case studies visit https://www.haloneuro.com/case-studies. Our patients here at Oahu Spine & Rehab in Kailua are used to our electronical muscle stimulation machines or a TENS unit, Neuropriming sensation may feel similar but at a much different frequency. The Halo Sport has been tested on over 1300 patients, would you try it?

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