Healthy Trick-Or-Treats

Halloween marks the start of the holiday season which means it’s the start of the season that people forget about their health. Not only are you going to be more tempted by fat-filled food, but the gym and your workouts may be placed on the back burner. Now, the only equation we see here at OSR in Kailua is: Increased fat + lack of activity = increased chronic pain and joint problems.  Here at OSR, we aren’t perfect, but we do have a couple of tips on how to make your holiday season less of a scare.

 Get Your Steps In:

If your kids are old enough, while they’re trick or treating from house to house take it upon yourself to walk up and down the sidewalk a few times. Often time’s parents will spend over half of their time trick-or-treating with their kids just standing and watching. Get your steps in and make a couple laps while keeping an eye on your kiddo jumping from house to house.

Fuel Up & Hydrate:

One of the best things to do prior to trick or treating is to have a large healthy meal. While trick-or-treating times are getting earlier and earlier, if you’re leaving before dinner, make sure you and your kids get a big filling lunch! Along with a nice healthy meal, make sure you are staying hydrated! By fueling up, you’re less likely to go on a candy binge later in the night closer to bed. Click here for a physical therapists guide on why you should stay hydrated!

Donate Candy:

Have your kids separate their candy and only keep two of each kind! This way they still will have a large assortment but you won’t be overwhelmed with sugar for weeks to come. Not to mention this is a great way to give back to the community by donating candy to military overseas or children in need. For more information on where you can donate your candy visit

Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab we want you and your family to be as healthy and happy as possible. We know that the holidays are usually the time to neglect yourself and your needs. Don’t let that be the case this year. If you’re suffering from pain, call us today to schedule a therapeutic massage or a complimentary consultation. Happy Trick-or-Treating! Have a safe Halloween!

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