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Health Tips for All Pokemon GO Players

Whether you’re a patient of OSR or an employee, you’ve probably caught a few Pokemon in our office on the new app Pokemon GO. Our office is swimming with Rattata and the occasional Magikarp, not to mention the Poke Stop across the street at Pinky’s. If anything, you have to give the app props for getting your kids and maybe even you out and about on a walk trying to hatch your eggs. Since this phenomenon is going to stick around a while, we have a couple of health tips for those of you running around catching Pokemon.

Keep your Head (and Neck) Up

Literally. Not only is it crucial to keep an eye on your surroundings while you’re playing this game (especially at night and near busy roads) but it’s also super important to keep your head looking forward at your phone instead of down. Just like our previous blogs about “text neck” affecting our youth, playing Pokemon GO on your phone is just another stepping stone to degeneration and reverse curvature in your spine at a young age. If you are walking around looking for Pokemon, or at the Windward Mall battling at a gym, make sure that you are holding your phone directly in front of you, so that your neck isn’t craned and looking down. If you’re planning on a long walk to hatch eggs or catch Pokemon; switch the music off, put your phone on loud, and throw your phone in your pocket so that you can get your miles, you can hear when Pokemon pop up and STILL keep your neck looking straight ahead instead of down.

Wear the Right Shoes

There’s no way you’re going to become a Poke Master in your slippers. When you’re headed out hunting for Pokemon, make sure that you are wearing shoes that provide enough support for your feet. If you think you’re going to go outside and walk 10km, it’s in your best interest to throw on some sneakers or other close toed shoes. These are also more likely to keep you balanced and avoid you having shin splints or sore feet the day after. After all, Ash, Misty and Brock all wore sneakers.

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Via http://www.allwidewallpapers.com/ash-brock-misty-pikachu/YXNoLWJyb2NrLW1pc3R5LXBpa2FjaHU/

Go Pokemon Hunting with a Group of Friends

So you/your kids finally got out of the house in order to catch Pokemon! Awesome, but what’s even better than the company of a Pikachu? The company of some friends who are equally as invested in the game as you are. According to a study in the British Medical Journal, people were 15 percent more likely to be happy themselves when they spent time with a happy friend. If you are spending time with friends while also playing Pokemon, this can increase your quality of life and make you feel happier which can correlate to tons of health benefits like the lessening of depression, stress relief, better sleep and happier conversations.

Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab, we are dedicated to giving the highest quality of life to as many people as humanly possible. Whether you’re in our office looking for Pokemon or out in the world looking to battle at Poke Gyms, remember to keep these health tips in mind and have fun! Don’t forget to stop at the Pinky’s Pokestop, and come into our office if you or a loved one is suffering from chronic pain! Call today to make an appointment at 488-5555!

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