Forward Head Carriage Dysfunction

Forward Head Carriage Dysfunction

What is forward head carriage? As the name implies, due to dysfunction in the neck region, the head moves from its proper position (normal gravitational line, refer to picture) to a point anterior. As the picture indicates, the more the head moves forward, the greater gravity produces weight bearing stress on the neck.

So why is this significant? Because it is a prominent cause of neck pain. This is due in part to abnormal stress/strain on muscles, bones, ligaments, and nerves. Prolonged forward head carriage (or posture) can result in degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, and disc herniation.

Causes of Forward Head Carriage

What causes forward head carriage? The most common causes are: Trauma (especially motor vehicle accidents) and poor posture. In our society today, poor posture is common, especially due to prolonged computer use, prolonged cellphone and texting use, and desk work.


Bad posture is extremely common because people aren’t aware that they aren’t sitting and standing in the best placement for their spine. Not only is this true for businessmen but also for our celebrities. While watching the next red carpet on TV, check out which celebrities could be suffering from forward head carriage and bad posture.

Check out some celebrities with bad posture here! 



Treatment for Forward Head Carriage

What treatment can be done for forward head carriage (posture)? An integrated approach of conservative care, including chiropractic, physical therapy, rehab therapy, massage therapy, and appropriate adjunctive modalities, is the best treatment. This type of treatment will align the spine, strengthen weakened muscles, and stretch contracted/tightened muscles and ligaments, restoring structure and function. Here at our integrated health center, we will work to get you a plan of care to help regain your strength in the small ligaments in your neck and back in order to get your posture to where it is supposed to be.

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This is the kind of treatment you will find at Oahu Spine and Rehab in Kailua, give us a call today if you are suffering from pain or are worried about your posture, 488-5555!



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