Employment Tips for Veterans

After getting out of the military, many veterans can feel lost and confused about the job process. Although there are workshops and classes that are provided to you on base to ease the process, that still doesn’t cover all of the confusion. Two of the hardest things for a veteran are the interview process and networking. While not all active duty members joined the military when they were around 18, most did. Not only have they had the same employment for 4-10+ years, but they also may never had to go through a business-like interviewing process.

When veterans were being recruited, they may have had an idea of what branch and job they wanted to pursue, but, ultimately at the time of recruitment, it’s you’re recruiters job to sell you on the position. In the civilian world, you are the one that has to market yourself and sell yourself to your potential employers. If you joined the military right after high school, the military may be the first and only job that you’ve had. The longer that you live the military lifestyle, the more difficult the transition to the civilian workforce is.

More than five years ago, the overall rate for Veteran unemployment was over 8 percent. In December 2016 the Veteran unemployment rate was at 4.1 percent which is much better than it has been in the past decade. The VA has resources to aid in the best practices for interviewing, resume building and helping with the job search in general.

Sonya Harris-Ladjevich, a 21-year Air Force Veteran and a national employment coordinator for VA’s Veterans Benefit Administration’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Office came up with a list of job hunting tips to help Veterans:

Update your resume

Network, network, network

Apply for the job

Clean up your social media accounts

Take care of yourself

Tap all your resources

To read her tips in more detail click here!

If you are a veteran that is currently looking for employment, make sure to search in all the right places. There are websites like www.vetjobs.com , Military.com, and USA Jobs that are all great resources for finding jobs that veterans want and are qualified for.

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