Don’t be Envious, Get a massage at Oahu Spine & Rehab

Take a second, take a breath, listen to your body, and feel your day to day stresses that need to be expelled.

In my four years of experience as a massage therapist I have had the opportunity to work in many different settings. I worked as an independent massage therapist, hustling to get my own clients, I’ve worked at franchise/membership massage types of spas, and I have worked at Physical therapy offices. I love the clinical setting of working in a Chiropractic/Physical therapy office such as Oahu Spine & Rehab because I am surrounded by like-minded individuals and we all share a common love for helping others.

Speaking from experience, when you go to a place to get massage that is membership driven then you instantly become a number to them. They will insist on a package that they feel is right for you and most of the time there is a contract to be signed. Talk about stress after you get a massage. To have to make a decision if you want monthly payments to come out of your account can take you out of your relaxed massage state.

At OSR your needs come first. We are here to listen to your medical history, and hear you tell us your specific areas that you need attention to. If there was ever a case that your massage therapist was unfamiliar with we can reach out to our physical therapy team, or our amazing chiropractic department for advice on ways to treat you. We won’t give you a standard routine massage. We tailor the massage to each individual’s specific pain areas.

For your convenience we have four massage therapists on staff, each with a different background and skills. Our prices are fair, $60 for a 60 minute massage session. We also have massage packages to make your wallets even happier. Our office is centrally located in Aiea, in the downtown section of the Pearl Ridge Mall. We are on the first floor next to Longs Drugs. Put your trust in our hands, we got your back.

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