Do You Know Your Key to Happiness?

What makes one happy? There are many aspects of happiness. Happiness in your life, happiness at your job.  “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life”
Everyone has their own vision as to what true happiness looks like, or feels like. Ultimately, happiness is the feeling of being content. Some achieve their happiness with accomplishments, some are very loving and giving of themselves.

According to Elyse Santilli Writer and life coach at, “happiness is an art that can be learned” she has 12 essential keys to true happiness listed on the Huffington Post. These twelve keys tell me that you need to play an active role in your own happiness; and by “active” your role can be as small as just appreciating something small around you. Maybe even just a thought inside of your mind that makes you smile. However, you cannot smile about something in your mind and hold on to your happiness all day long. There are daily stresses that compete with your happiness, trials that will test your focus and your will. Happiness is a battle that you need to actively fight.

There are actually happiness classes in big colleges, such as UC Berkeley that fill up each semester.

If you are interested in learning more about a course in ‘The Science of Happiness’ UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center offers a free, eight-week online course.
There is always the “pay it forward” “random acts of kindness” approach.
Dr. Chris Aiken, an instructor in clinical psychiatry at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and Director of the Mood Treatment Center says:

“Extremely happy people engage in regular activity which connects them to other people to a cause outside themselves,” “It doesn’t have to be a grand cause — the brain is just as happy to improve a local playground as it is to find a cure for cancer. What matters is that the cause is meaningful to you and helps you get you out of your own head.”“Happy people also take time to savor life’s pleasures,” Aiken said, “as well as time for sleep, exercise and healthy eating.”

Catarina Cowden Editor of The Active Times says:

“Genuinely happy people find meaning. It does not necessarily have to be in a spiritual sense (though that does help), but it is a way to get out of your own head and see beyond the daily stresses and anxieties that often bring you down.”

BY PATRICIA OSEI-OPPONG lists “20 secrets genuinely happy people never told you”

I see a great trend in these posts saying that exercise is so important, just getting the blood flowing, feeling stronger, more accomplished. As well as eating a healthy diet. I sure see the effects of both of these points. I feel a huge difference when I take care of myself, as opposed to when I don’t.

Stacey Becker of has a list of 21 things genuinely happy people do differently. how they live their lives, how they treat others, how they show love by their actions. Also how they receive and perceive the world around them.

According to a documentary on Netflix called Happy. Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D. a professor of psychology at UC. Riverside says that we are all born with a Genetic set range of happiness, where we usually fall into most of the time. After good things or bad things happen to us we always return to our genetic set range of happiness.

This range is 50% of our happiness, 10 % is due to circumstances: income, social status, where we live and our age. The remaining 40% which is unaccounted for is heavily swayed by our intentional behavior; such as, “things we do on a regular basis to become happier.”

I notice the difference between myself and my sister is she has a different frame of mind when processing and understanding information, or a situation. I usually just get irritated and then mad but she sits back and analyzes what happened, what could have happened, what should have happened and then just accepts what actually DID happen. As I sit there and stew in my hot pot of anger.

There are many ways we each can fight our battles to happiness and we all could use some encouragement.


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