Couple’s Workouts: Hawaii Hikes and Classes

With Valentine’s Day on the mind, what better way to spend time with that special someone by bettering yourselves with a couples workout. After all, the couple that works out together… stays together! #fitcouples for sure!

Partner Workouts

There are many partner workouts, and many can be looked up on the internet with pictures or videos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even typing in “couple workouts” in your search engine. You will get all levels of workouts, from beginner to advanced, at home or at the gym, equipment or body weight. I love partner workouts because you get to interact with someone, and it gives you a change from your regular independent workouts. It also gives me more accountability in the sense that someone is doing the same workout as me and gives me that extra motivation to push harder through it.

Hawaii Hikes and Activities

There are also a number of physical activity that you can do with a partner that will give you two quality time together as well as optimizing your health. Like to run? Go on a run together. Is running not your thing? Go on a brisk walk. I find it easier to walk with my husband that way we can talk easier. Walk around your neighborhood, walking path, or go to the beach. If you want more of a challenge, go out and find a good hike. With hiking, you can get the best views and really make some memories together! Breathtaking views can be very romantic and can distract from the fact that you “working out” if it’s usually not your thing to exercise. Some of my favorites are the Lanikai pillboxes with it’s view of the Mokulua Islands and amazing sunrises, and Maunawili Falls with it’s cool waters to dip in at the top of the hike.

Swimming is a great cardio workout, and even better when you can do it with your loved one! The good thing about living on an island is you can either swim at the pool, or just walk/drive on over to the nearest beach. Speaking of beaches, there are so many other beach and outdoor activities that you can check off as exercise. Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking just to name a few.

Take a class together! There are so many options to choose from. You can take a class that is offered like yoga or Zumba. A dance class if you are in to dancing. You can even see that some of these are available to watch and do online.

Motivation is Key!

There are endless opportunities to exercise with your other half which will keep you both healthy as well as improve your relationship with more quality time spent together. I mention exercising with your significant other, but these can be just as fun with a friend. The most important thing is to motivate each other and to have fun doing it!

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