Could Your Work Schedule Affect Your Brain?

Whether you work an 8am-5pm desk job or long shifts as a server, your work schedule may be working against your biological clock and brain function as a whole. According to CNN, people who are 18-26 years old are more likely to be productive starting work at a later time in the day. When does your biological clock start ticking? Well, it starts at birth, and then as you get older the chemical releases in your brain start to change which can result in a change in your sleeping habits.

One example is that adolescents start to release melatonin later in the day than adults. This means that with melatonin not releasing until 10pm or after, adolescents will be more likely to stay up later, meaning they would need to sleep in later to be fully functional during their day. Have you heard about different countys around the country having a later start time for high schools? Most of the results were positive and showed that students performed better when starting later in the morning.  This means that a late start would be beneficial for young adults.

After puberty, your body begins to release melatonin earlier in the day, leading to earlier bedtimes. This also explains why adults around the age 26 and older are more likely to wake up with their biological clock in the morning to get their day started. In a study in the Neurobiology of Aging, shift workers were studied and tested to see their cognitive function when working shift work versus non shift workers. The study found that working shifts in the past five years resulted in poor testing. If you have a flexible workplace, see if you are able to change your work hours around your biological clock. Take a weekend to set no alarms and ignore clocks around bed time. Go to sleep when you are tired and wake up whenever your body does naturally, this is your biological clock.

Fighting your body’s natural sleeping pattern can lead to other conditions like depression and diabetes. If your family has a history of diabetes or other health concerns, having a regular work schedule is crucial for optimal health. Working irregular hours can impact your body more than you think. If you are suffering from chronic pain from working long hours sitting or standing, give OSR a call today at 488-5555 to set up a complimentary consultation. Here at our integrated health center in Kailua we offer physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy and more to keep you at optimum health.

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