Botox in Health and Wellness

Botox is widely known for its use in cosmetic procedures for skin firming and skin smoothing, but not everyone knows that there are many health and wellness uses for Botox.  Here are a few FDA approved medical uses for Botox:

Chronic Migraines:

Botox for migraines is a newer concept in the last couple of decades after Dr. William J Binder found that his Botox patients claimed to suffer from fewer headaches after their Botox treatment.  A Botox injection for migraines will generally be given on your head and neck and will last for approximately 3 months.

Excessive Sweating:

Although this may seem like a cosmetic issue, there is actually a condition called severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis that causes extreme sweating. Not only can this be humiliating, but it can also cause stress and social anxiety. Physicians that were administering Botox saw patients reporting that their faces were perspiring much less after Botox treatment. Because of this, the FDA approved Botox treatment for this condition in 2004. Not only is it used for excessive armpit sweating, but also for sweaty hands and feet.

Over-Active Bladder

Many women suffer from an overactive bladder postpartum and some even deal with leakage around five times per day. Botox can offer relief from leaks by relaxing the muscles that are constantly contracting in the bladder so that the leaks are fewer and far between.

We are excited to utilize the amazing cosmetic, health and wellness benefits of Botox right here in our office.  Call us today for a consultation!





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