Psoriatic Arthritis at OSR

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Here at Oahu Spine and Rehab, we deal with patients with arthritis every single day. One of the most important things for our physical therapists and chiropractors to know is the difference between the different types of arthritis. While there are more common cases like osteoarthritis, there is also the less-known but equally as common …..Read & Comment

5 Common Work-Related Injuries (Infographic)

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Whether it’s a construction site, a textile factory, or an office, there are a range of common accidents and injuries that occur in all workplaces, affecting workers, families, and businesses all over. Check out some effective ways to prevent and treat 5 common work-related injuries below. Musculoskeletal Injuries • Causes o Overexertion o Fatigue o …..Read & Comment

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Women

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Here at OSR in Kailua we find more and more women having discomfort, difficulty with muscle control and muscle weakness in the pelvic floor area especially during pregnancy and following childbirth.  For a condition that is hard to diagnose, pelvic floor dysfunction is very common.  Since the pelvic floor connects the upper and lower body, …..Read & Comment

Good or Bad Carbohydrates?

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There are millions of diets out there that are designed to help you lose weight. Some of the most popular are those who incorporate “low carb” or “zero carb” diets.  A carbohydrate, or a carb, scientifically means a large group of organic compounds occurring in food that include sugars, starch, fiber, and cellulose. In terms …..Read & Comment

Is Barre Class Right for You?

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All over Oahu, and mainly Kailua, fitness crazes are popping up in the best kind of way. On every corner, you can find a yoga studio or a fitness center offering a new up-beat workout. One of these up-and-coming workouts is barre. Barre classes may look or sound intimidating because they use a bar and …..Read & Comment

Alleviate Foot Pain from Your Arches

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Do you have constant foot pain? Can’t wear your favorite pair of shoes? Generally speaking, there are three types of arches: low, high and medium. Among the general population, 60% has a medium arch, 20% has a high arch and 20% has a low arch. People who have either high or low arches face a …..Read & Comment

Relieve Your Stress With These Yoga Poses

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OSR loves YOGA! Not only have we held yoga classes here at Oahu Spine & Rehab in Kailua, many of our staff members and patients are devoted “yogis”. Our integrated clinic offers certain “Eastern” medicine practices like acupuncture and massage therapy that are not only complimentary to yoga, but highly recommended. Also, yoga is one …..Read & Comment

Facet Syndrome at OSR

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There can be many causes of neck and back pain. One that you may not be familiar with is Facet Syndrome. Facets are the small joints on every vertebrae of your spine that are responsible for mobility. They are in movement when we sit, stand, walk, run, bend, twist, and so forth. The surfaces of …..Read & Comment

Osteoporosis: The Basics

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Strengthening your bones doesn’t always have to do with drinking you’re milk when you were a kid like your mom told you. Even into your 20’s, your bones can still be strengthened so that you are avoiding future problems such as osteoporosis. When you are young, your bone tissue is being created and destroyed repeatedly. …..Read & Comment

Posture Month in May!

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May is Posture Month! Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab, posture is one of the main reasons that we practice the way we practice. Our integrated health center allows us to work on the body as a whole while finding and curing the root problem. A lot of time, the root problem is posture. Everything …..Read & Comment

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