Benefits of Kinesio Taping

Benefits of Kinesio Taping

The 2014 World Cup is now long gone but will never be forgotten.  One thing you might have noticed, many of the athletes were covered and assisted with an elastic tape which gave them an exoskeletal support in certain areas. There are many different methods of taping. The tape you see comes in different colors and sizes, black, red, blue and tan.  The best news!  This therapy doesn’t just apply to World Cup atheletes, it can be applied to anyone!

Kinesio Taping

This tape is called Kinesio Taping.  The #1 Elastic Therapeutic Tape in the world. Its inventor is a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Moxibustion Therapist from Japan, Dr. Kenzo Kase.  Dr. Kase recognized that his manual therapy were effective but were temporary and wanted to offer his patients a “prescription” that was effective between visits. The Kinesio Taping method was invented in 1979. The benefits of Kinesio Taping started to gain international exposure during the 1988 Seoul Olympic games. Introduced to the United States in 1995 and Europe in 1996. Dr, Kase also formed the KTA (Kinesio Taping Association).


The tape is constructed of 100% cotton and elastic fibers. The tape’s thickness and weight are similar to skin. The tape’s adhesive is 100% medical grade, acrylic, and heat-activated. Wave like pattern of the adhesive mimics fingerprints and allows the skin more breathing space.

The taping methods are used by many practitioners, Physical Therapists, Trainers, MD’s, RN’s and also Massage Therapists at Oahu Spine & Rehab.

The 5 major Physiological Systems that Benefit from Kinesio Taping:

  • Skin
  • Fascia
  • Circulatory/Lymphatic system
  • Muscles
  • Joint

Kinesio Taping is used for many treatments at Oahu Spine and Rehab, such as muscle imbalances, postural issues, circulatory or lymphatic conditions, ligament, tendon and joint problems, fascial and scar adhesions.  It can also assist in gaining normal ROM and many more treatments.


(Diagram 1)


  1. This taping is mainly for those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis in Oahu. This type of taping is one of the most common taping jobs most inquired about and applied. It is applied to relieve tension on the thick covering of the plantar muscle that is inflamed and irritated due to constant tearing and stretching.
  2. Another condition in the foot region that individuals may face is Calcaneal Bursitis. The tape is placed over the Calcaneal bone, Achilles tendon and in Gastrocnemius inhibition to relieve pressure of the bursa between the Calcaneal Bone and Achilles tendon which is inflamed and irritated due to friction.
  3. Patella Tendonitis (Jumpers Knee) is when the tendon below the knee cap is inflamed and agitated due to repetitive landing or functional stress overload on the tendon. The tape will release tension of the connections of the Patella Tendon and tension on the Quadriceps muscle, Rectus Femoris that may be putting stress on the tendon.
  4. Scoliosis Taping is placed on opposite areas anteriorly and posteriorly depending on the rotation of the individuals’ spine. The tension on the Kinesio tape is to place fascial tension to the opposing rotation of the individuals’ spine.
  5. The AC joint (Acromialclavicular Joint) can be an area for mainly males to suffer a lot of discomfort and pain. Depending the degree of the injury to the ligament in the articulation the Kinesio tape is applied to release the load on that ligament in the joint. The tension on the tapes used are through the AC joint itself again to lift and relief tension on the ligament.
  6. This type of taping could help and relieve tension off the Frontalis for those who suffer from migraines or frequent headaches. Due to the innovative theory of facial tension the Kinesio tape does, this type of taping would assist in eliminating wrinkles on the Forehead. The tape is placed with a upward (proximal) tension of the Frontalis.
  7. Neck pains and tightness can be caused by muscle tension from the posterior neck muscles. The Splenius Capitis are one of the muscles that may cause tension. Kinesio tape is placed from insertion of the muscle to origin of the muscle to inhibit the muscle fibers to reduce pain and tension.
  8. Golfer’s Elbow or Medial Epicondylitis is basically the irritation and inflamed flexor compartment of the wrist due to over usage, which causes pain in the medial region of the elbow. Kinesio taping for golfer’s elbow inhibits the flexor muscles of the wrist. The Donut hole method of the tape is to protect the irritated site to prevent further irritation.
  9. Olecranon Bursitis (Student’s Elbow or Baker’s Elbow) is when the bursa of the elbow that lies between the loose skin and Olecranon is inflamed and irritated from direct trauma or prolonged pressure, such as leaning on a table top or counter. The star method with donut holes are to lift pressure off the affected bursa and also protect the site from further inflammation.
  10. Inflamed tendons, sheath (covering) or tunnel of the tendons on the outer aspect of the thumb that causes extreme pain is called De Quervain’s Tendonitis or Tenosynovitis.  Kinesio taping for this condition will splint the thumb to prevent movement through the sheath and/or tunnel to decrease inflammation and scar tissue development. The tape will also relieve tension and increase sheath and tunnel space.
  11. Carpal Tunnel can be a very frustrating and painful condition for the wrist and hand area. It is due to the narrowing of the wrist space from bone and connective tissue that affects the median nerve and interferes with motor functions of the hand. Kinesio Taping is placed to lift and relieve space through tunnel to increase circulation and movement, decrease inflammation and pain.

Iliotibial Band Sydrome (ITBS or Runner’s Knee)


Iliotibial Band Syndrome, ITBS or Runner’s Knee is one of the most common overuse injuries in Runners. ITBS is when the thick ligament or fascia that runs down the side of the thigh gets inflamed and irritated at the distal end at the knee. A long strip is placed on the ITB area beginning at the knee which then is followed up the lateral side ending at the tensor fascia latae (TFL). Due to fascial tension that occurs with overworked areas the “M” like arches are placed with slight ‘side-to-side” tension to engage movement of the surrounding fascia.

Achilles Tendon



The Achilles Tendon is the biggest tendon in the body. It is usually utilize through most activities but it can most definitely get inflamed and agitated due to over usage. Kinesio tape is applied beginning from the Heel bone or all the way across the plantar muscle in the foot in Dorsal flexion. The application then ends towards the back of the knee which is the origin of the Gastroc muscles. The benefits of Kinesio Taping for a painful Achilles Tendon is to relieve tension off the inflamed tendon and allowing it to heal.

Neck & Shoulder Taping



Neck pains could be coming from numerous muscular tension in the neck region. The most common would be the Trapezius (Upper Fibers) muscle. To inhibit or lengthen the Trapezius muscle it’s important to have the muscle on a stretched position, anchored at the lateral end (Acromion) and finishes near the Occipital ridge. Try to avoid the nape hair of the patient.

Lower Back Taping



Low back pain is a very common condition. Applying Kinesio tape to support lower back pain depends on the curvature of the lumbar spine. To support low back and the lower paraspinals you would want to anchor at the bottom edge of the connection of the low back and have the patient bend as far forward as possible for fascial stretch, then apply tape. Then another strip to help lift off disc pressure across the spine.

Many of the specialists at Oahu Spine & Rehab located in Kailua are certified in Kinesio Taping.

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