Is Barre Class Right for You?

All over Oahu, and mainly Kailua, fitness crazes are popping up in the best kind of way. On every corner, you can find a yoga studio or a fitness center offering a new up-beat workout. One of these up-and-coming workouts is barre. Barre classes may look or sound intimidating because they use a bar and take some of their movements straight from ballet studios. The truth is, barre is a killer workout for your muscles, but it’s also a great low impact workout for any and every one! Barre classes offer a different kind of fitness. The focus is to make your muscles long and lean, like a dancer, instead of bulking up like a personal trainer would help with.

Barre kailua

Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab, we strongly recommend all our patients to be as active as possible. Barre is a great 45 minutes – 1 hour workout session that will have you feeling strong and lean after just one class. The moves in barre class are a combination of yoga, Pilates and isometic strength training. The workouts include high reps of very small one-inch movements to target specific muscle areas of the body. Most exercises are done with body weight, while others will incorporate very small weights.

Barre classes get results fast, especially paired with normal cardiovascular workouts. Because barre class is derived from dance, one of the most important parts of each move is POSTURE. Here at OSR in Kailua, poor posture is one of the biggest problems our patients face. Barre teachers not only will help make sure that you have your shoulders pulled down and back, but also that your hips are aligned with your shoulders! This is music to the ears of our physical therapists and chiropractors here in Kailua.

Barre also offers these benefits:

Toning of the muscles

Weight loss

Increased flexibility

Reduced Stress

Low-Impact muscle training

Perfect for pregnant women

Barre classes are offered in Kailua at Barre Kailua, Harmony Pilates, and more!

Make sure to tell your instructor at your FIRST class about any pain or injuries you may have. Some barre moves can be hard for people with lower back or wrist pain. Most instructors will be able to provide you with an alternative move! If you are suffering from any sort of pain, call OSR today to make an appointment. We offer physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture and more!

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