Back Pain Testimonial from OSR

Back Pain Testimonial from OSR

When did you first start getting treatment at OSR?

I started in February of 2014

What was your original condition?

I had some general back pain or “mom pain” it was around for years and years and I contribute it to carrying babies and bags and toys and years of doing mom things. So I didn’t think anything of it until someone recommended OSR.

How long had you been experiencing this problem?

It really was year, I never thought much about it but it was more recently that it started to give me trouble. I’m part of a spouses group and we do events and many times I would have to get people to do things for me because I was having my back issues. I couldn’t lift as well as I used to and this is when I realized this was not normal.

What kind of treatment did you receive at OSR?

I started with physical therapy and [chiropractic] adjustments, then I moved on to e stimulation and trigger point. I really love the trigger point, it’s like a mini massage.

How has your life changed because of this treatment?

I’m much more mobile now. I can honestly say that the pain that I felt for years is gone. It made a believer out of me, OSR really does help problems .I don’t’ have any pain. Through physical therapy I learned the correct way to lift things and carry things and I wish I would’ve known these things in the first place.

What are some of the things you like most about OSR?

I love how friendly the staff is here at OSR. They have a beautiful location and inside their office everything is set up really nicely. I don’t mind making the drive to come up from the other side of the island to spend the day. They’re like some new friends.

Any OSR particular staff member specifically helpful?

I have to shout out to Stephanie because she and I would always talk about Game of Thrones. Jon was also there early on.

Would you recommend OSR to others?

I would absolutely recommend OSR. And I do. Any time there is a military spouse posts on a Facebook page about their pain, I post a picture and let everyone know to come to OSR on Wednesdays for their military appreciation day. I definitely do tell friends to check out OSR and I know about a dozen other people who come to OSR. It’s a great place to meet up with friends.

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